Sonntag, 6. November 2011

Hochreichhart (2416m) - crossing over

...perfectly clear (and a bit cold) morning session on friday. from the Ingering valley via the Schmähhausrücken to the top of the Hochreichhart (2416m) - basically now snow, but quite windy - further to the Schönebentörl and down to the Schönebenalm (where I helped to put up a weather station on the rock glacier there, which meant some more hiking with some extra load ;-)
just a fantastic scenery!

...after some meters on paved road, the gravel road allows a first great view to my todays summit. note the ridge in the middle.

...after the forest has been left behind, one climbs up this perfect ridge ;-)

...a look back down into the valley.

...almost on the summit. at least some snow patches ;-)

...view from the summit towards east. the summit right of the summit cross is the Gößeck. Down in the Mur valley you see the haze that makes a good excuse to climb a mountain ;-D
it took me 1:18hrs to get up here from the parking lot (1:50 in total from where I started). of the (inactive) rock glaciers seen from the summit.

  ...on the way to the Schönebentörl. note the double arête on the left side of the picture (the small black spot just right of the trail on the lower left are 2 chamois). 

...view down to the Schönebenalm. The rock glacier just below me (where we put up a weather station later that day).

...great trails up there ;-)

almost at the end of my morning session. some icy patches inbetween. 
...arrived (2:26hrs). a view back (basically right where the sun is now).

Great session. Wunderful scenery.

some more miles to cover...

the trail season 2011 is getting long (~115000 D+/- and ~3150km since 1st Jan.), but this seasons weather is so perfect that there seems to be some more miles and climbs to come. hopefully, cause my variety of shoes is still too much, so I have to wear down some of them to have space for the 2012 models soon to come... current selection of shoes. the TNF Single Track in the middle of the first row is the one I did the Zugspitz Ultratrail (100k,, the Gran Trail Valdigne (100k, and the Chiemgau 100 Miles (1. place)...
...the green NB MT101 is the one I did the Wörthersee Ultra with (see pics of previous post)...

...really looking forward to the light version of the TNF Single Track, the Hayasa; and the NB MT110 ;-)