Freitag, 20. Januar 2012

Freitag, 13. Januar 2012

2011 review - 2012 preview

a new year has started. the old ended. time to sum up the 2011 season and to make plans for 2012...

season 2011:
a great season!
first of all cause it was injury free.
second, did 4 ultras and finished all of them.
third, won one of them and took home 5th place on another  ;-)

some statistics of 2011:
207 days running;
a total of 3657km (on average 17.67 per run);
+/-133516m (645 m of climb and descent per run);
468:59 hrs on the trails (2:16 on average per run)

some more details of that season:
I ran a lot and prepared well for the first ultra, the Zugspitz Ultratrail (101km, +/-5672m; in Germany. However, the long runs (>6hrs) where largely missing. payed the price, as I had to dig deep during the 2nd half of that race. cramps,... still managed 23rd place.

2 weeks later (and some recovery) the next race started in Italy, Monte Bianco region: Gran Trail Valdigne (100km, +/-5600m; This race was this year upgraded to a 100km course and was run in the other direction. also the start was shifted from Courmayeur to Morgex (already did the 87km races back in 2007 and 2008). Seemed that I had adapted to the distance! 5th place overall ;-) A wonderfull scenery and a beautiful and somewhat brutal rocky course. twice we met the runners of the shorter course, which gave loads of motivation (as much of the 2nd half of the course I was running completely alone).

another 3 weeks later back to Germany again for the Chiemgau 100 Miles (161km, +/-6750m; This is actually a 100km race, but 50 of us started the night before the actual start and added a view (61) km. Started with a local who knew that section, cause navigation could have been an issue (and aid stations where limited). We cruised along the trails and gravel roads and through a beautiful night. pace was ok and time for some chatting. unfortunately, my running partner Wolfi had to quit cause of stomach issues. Continued alone through the dark; passed a couple of other runners (some of them started 2 hrs earlier than we did (every runner can chose when he wanted to start)). When I arrived back to the starting point after 87km it was by coincidence a perfect timing. We were only allowed to keep on running at 4:30AM. I had ~15min to refresh and then started into the early morning already on first place! (although I did not really realize this). From then on, it was a pretty lonely race, on the one hand cause I was in the lead, on the other hand there was much fog and visibility was pretty poor. In addition it was sometimes raining cats and dogs. Still the pace was ok and it took the leader of the 100km race till the last mountain we had to climb (the Hochfelln) to pass me. I enjoyed my hot soup up there and let him go. From there, only 20km were left, basically downhill. I did my very best to speed up a bit, but the beginning of the climb was pretty technical with loads of roots and steps. Really enjoyed the last few kilometers, although I was wondering when the next of the 100km racers would pass. Noone did and I entered the stadion and finally the finish line in 24:07hrs. Tired and dirty, my feet were soaked and could not really belief that I was first? Took me a wile to realise this.... ...a good beer later. Satisifed ;-)    (The next came in 4:25hrs later; actually 2:25, but he started 2 hours earlier).

as a small season final there was a shorter ultra near my girlfriends home: the Wörthersee Ultratrail (57km; +/-1800m; a "short" race, so just to see how it might work, i pushed hard from the beginning. well, too fast; but managed to avoid the DNF. and had a great second half of the race running together with my girlfriend (my "crew" at all the other runs!). for details see the untepenultimate post.

...I continued to enjoy the trails and do some personal projects. larger loops that I should have done prior to any of the 100km races. just me, my shoes and a backpack. great ;-)

all in all: more than I would have hoped for ;-)
and a big big THANK YOU so much to my "crew"!!!
...who tolerates my passion (or lunacy) and even supports me so much in doing it. Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!

- season 2012 plans:
after an easy start into this season cause of loads of snow in the mountains of Tirol and Salzburg (but some nice skitouring!), motivation is high already due to mild temperatures and snow-free trails here in Graz!
...and there are some good reasons to train for:

- trail running camp Lago di Garda, Italy (  page 16!) in late March as a season opening.
- Zugspitz Ultratrail (101km, +/-5672m; in late June.
- Irontrail Switzerland (201km; +11500m / -12700m; in early July.
- maybe (if I get in) Chiemgau 100 Miles (161km, +/-6750m; in late July.
- maybe (if I get in) The North Face UTMB (166km, +/-9500m;
- Wörthersee Trail Maniak (57km, +/-1800m; ).

...keep you posted and wish you all a good, successful and especially injury-free and healthy trail season 2012!!!