Dienstag, 7. August 2012

...less than a month till UTMB

...ZUT: 3rd place; SIT @ 4th place when the race was cancelled and then another first place at the Chiemgau 100 Miles race (http://tomwagner.at/?p=172). A great season so far and more than a boost in confidence for the upcoming UTMB!

End of this month, quite some  trailrunners (2000 +) will try to get around the Mont Blanc massif as fast as possible, enjoying a beautiful landscape and a great atmosphere. I'm really looking forward to that event!

...till then, I'll try to keep it easy. Run when I want to and not if I feel no need to.

some impressions of a nice powerhike up the Schmähhausrücken to the summit of Hochreichart (2416 m a.s.l.): 4km distance and 1.2km vertical! ...4 days after the Chiemgau 100 Miles. taking it easy and enjoying the scenery.

the Schmähhausrücken halfway up; its getting more bouldery...
some more rocks...

nice evening twilight atop Hochreichart (2416 m a.s.l.)

just minutes before; summit in the clouds

the view towards Geierhaupt (2417 m a.s.l.) ...would be a nice link!  ...and on my way down.