Dienstag, 20. März 2012

151 miles since 9th of March...

since yesterday night the 150 mile or actually the 8 pack of Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Gel mark is reached ;-)

and some nice "trails" were done!
especially the one on Sunday which had a lot of elevation gain and some great conditions for ski touring!
...as I was the only one without skitouring equipment besides Raven, a friends dog (well, my Avalung, shovel, probe and beacon was with me) I was kind of standing out from the crowd ;-)
...really enjoyed the uphill although it was quite frozen (did it in 1:51 hrs); then some distance back down and up again with friends; and down and up again the last section; on the way down I had to fight due to the sunny weather and firn conditions. good workout definitely!

view from the Marterlkopf (2445 m) down to the starting point of Hinterthal (1030 m)

me at the summit; first human being that day. Raven was a bit faster ;-)
view back up to the Marterlkopf (summit in the middle); did the section from the Torscharte 3 times

and now: departure to Italy, Garda Lake for some nice and sunny trails and some more climbs but without snow ;-)

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