Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

How loosing a key makes sense!

That last Friday it should have been a short/quick afternoon session (as I could already get in a wonderful morning session), but ended up to be a bit longer than planned ;-)
More kilometers (or more time on the trails) means more fun, right!?

Equipped with 3/4l of juice and some new shoes to try I took off...

me and my key still with me...

...about 1:15 into the run, I took some pictures; realizing my apartment key is gone!
Ok, must be somewhere on the trail. Back track and you'll see...

steeper than it looks like: some 400m climb on a distance of ~700m ;-)

Some climbing up and down that trail and another 1hr + later I really found it. Lucky at least!
Happy, tired, dirty and satisfied, and 3 1/2 hrs later I opened the door of my apartment again.

Great unplanned workout (but planning my training is anyway not a speciality of mine ;-)
Sidenote: the SENSE are really interesting shoes ;-)
(in which I did a 100 km this weekend with no real signs of wear)

after 50k on Saturday ;-)
Looking forward to some more kilometers...

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