Montag, 21. Mai 2012

Ice Saints

where to go to!? All seems just a view steps away ;-)

...according to plan last Wednesday to Thursday, temperature dropped and snowfall produced some wonderfull scenery. Perfect for a run, or two ;-)
...actually 3, cause of a Holiday that last Thursday ;-D

a view from the Lehrbergalm just North of St. Jakob im Haus (Tirol) to the lake Pillersee (838 m a.s.l.). To the right of the lake (East) the summit of Rothorn (2403 m a.s.l.) and the Ulrichshorn as the smaller summit just in front (2155 m a.s.l.).
picture taken on Thursday on the way back to my second home at about km 25.
due to pretty hot temperatures after the visit of the Ice Saints, snow melt was that effective that I could give it a try to summit the Ulrichshorn on Saturday...

on the summit of Ulrichshorn (2155 m a.s.l.) after occasional snow sections and some loose boulders.
 it took me 1:10 hr to reach the summit starting at the Pillersee (~1300 m of climb) after having done a 1:40 hr trip to get there through some deep snow on the North side of the Wallerberg with Silke. Luckily  we passed a section of the trail shortly before a snow and rock avalanche was triggered by the temperature rise.
minutes before the small avalanche passed...

...happy for that summit #1 that yeaer and hope that some more ascents will follow.

Had to fly down to the Pillersee not to let Silke get roasted in the sun. Did the downhill in 40min, which is a decent time for the slippery upper sections. We'll see what is possible if all the snow is gone ;-)

...then we enjoyed the trot back home and a cool watermelon on the balcony as well-earned refreshment. salty hydration pack

 Another nice and already snowless run on Sunday to round up the weekend.
...another long weekend to come. curious for some more trails, climbs and summits.

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  1. Sounds like a great trip!
    But I must admit that I am tired of all the snow... :-)

    Best wishes,