Montag, 20. Februar 2012

final race schedule for 2012 a starting position (lottery) for the Chiemgauer 100 Miles (27th of July)!
and will try to go again for 1st place (this time I already know the trails ;-)

so finally my race schedule for the 2012 season is fixed.
- Zugspitz Ultratrail to get used to the distance
- Irontrail (3 weeks later) to try to get beyond the 200 km! in the beautiful mountains of Switzerland
Chiemgauer 100 Miles (2 weeks later) to defend last years results and enjoy this great ambience;
and as the big finale the UTMB 10th edition! really looking forward to this ;-)

...lots to be motivated and train for!

a first competition (or actually fun run, cause this is way to short for me to compete with the experts) this weekend: Vertical Up (! running up the Streif / Hahnenkamm (Kitzbühel) with whatever equipment you want to ;-)
...I'll go for spikes and poles.

...some winter training. perfect blue sky and the first on the trail (although it is midday ;-)

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