Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2012

...some new shoes for winter motivation

finally got my pair of MT 110s to start into the season. really interesting shoe and the outsole works much better  than the one of the old 101s as far as I can tell now (besides along the icy spots ;-) 

probably not really related to this particular shoe, but new equipment in general that boosts my motivation to get out of bed early in the morning when it is still dark; however there is a second reason: perfect sunrise and the occasional glow of the trails. Just a beautiful time for running (especially if there is that little snow as here on the eastern margin of the Eastern Alps!)

my conclusion: when trails and faces are frozen (-10°C), the sunrise is the most beautiful ;-) 

forgot an important thing (especially in winter): be the first to leave a mark on the snowy trail ;-D
20120207 morning session

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