Montag, 27. Februar 2012

various trail conditions and some vertical gain

last week was a low milage week, however there was some vertical gain ;-)
and a fun range of weather conditions as the spring-time seems to be here at least for the southeast of Austria!

Tuesday: some midday slush up and down the Schöckl trail

Wednesday: same trail but at night, so basically pure ice (perfect to test my new crampons)

Thursday: some more temperature rise (~+8°C) and some sunshine, so running in shorts the first time this year. felt just great!!!

Saturday: raining most of the day. at night the Vertical Up 2012 took place: running up the famous Streif race track of the ski downhillers with the equipment of your choice (
...although it was pretty soft, I decided to go with spikes (actually flexible crampons) and poles.
Loads of fun and hard breathing. My first real speed workout this season ;-)
1st place: Urban Zemmer (ITA) in 0:34:41... WOW!
30th place: me in 0:44:24 for 3312 m of distance and +860 m to climb.
not too bad for a long distance fellow ;-)
Sunday: nice recovery run in heavy snowfall. great trails (thanks to the unknown for digging those out!) with loads of remaining snow in Tirol.

all in all a week with a lot of variations in weather and trail conditions with focus on the vertical.
just 38 km, but +3164 m climbed in just 6:32hrs...
actually on 3 climbs of a total of 120 min and less than 8km I managed to do 2200 m vertical ;-).

enjoyed it! and look forward to some more runs in shorts ;-)

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